Fees and Bookings

Dr Catherine Nyuthe offers expert mental health treatment to mainly women, and some men, from her private rooms at Silk Medical Specialists. 


You can make an appointment directly with Dr Nyuthe as a private patient. You will need a referral to claim the rebate from Medicare.

Some patients may be referred by their GP, insurer or other medical professional. Bulk billing is unfortunately no longer available. Please be aware that there will be a gap to pay.

To book an appointment, fax your referral letter to Dr Nyuthe at Silk Medical Specialists on (03) 9887 6210 or contact her  via the online form with any queries.


Consultation fees vary, depending on the type of appointment and referral you have. 

The total fees and 'gap fees', or out-of-pocket expenses as at 2021:

  • 291 - initial 1-hour consultation for diagnostic assessment and recommended management plan: $600 (rebate is $473.80, gap is $176.20)
  • 293 -  45-minute review of a person who was seen under item 291: $500 (rebate is $296.20, gap is $203.80)
  • 296 - initial 45-minute consultation of a new patient: $450 (rebate is $272.50, gap is $177.50)
  • 304 - 30 to 45 minute follow up: $240 (rebate is $139.30, gap is $100.70)
  • 306 - 45 minute follow up:  $320 (rebate is $192.25, gap is $127.75)
  • 348 - 20-30 minute family interview for a new patient: $240  (rebate is $132.65, gap is $107.35)
  • 350 - 45-minute family interview for a new patient: $300 (rebate is $183.15, gap is $116.85)
  • 352 - 20-minute family interview for a regular patient: $240 (rebate is $132.65, gap is $107.35)


To make an appointment, Dr Nyuthe encourages you to contact her at Silk Medical Specialist Suites on (03) 9886 7788 or use the online booking form