Perinatal Mental Health Disorders

Perinatal Mental Health Disorders

Perinatal refers to the time shortly before pregnancy, during pregnancy and up to a year after giving birth. During the perinatal period, the incidence of mental health disorders significantly increases for women.

It is normal to feel emotional at times in pregnancy and understandable to have some concerns about your immediate future; the baby, giving birth and how you will adapt to the changes.

However, if you are feeling sad, have lost interest or enjoyment in things or even find yourself worrying about things to the point that it is causing you to feel distressed, this could be a sign of antenatal or postnatal depression or anxiety.


It is important for your health, the health of your baby and the health of your family that you get help and receive the right treatment for you.

Dr Catherine Nyuthe will examine you and make an assessment of your condition. She will then prescribe treatment based on your diagnosis, preferences and your personal situation which may influence medications you can take, such as breast feeding or medical history.

Other Support Services

There are many support services available for women and their families experiencing perinatal disorders, which in addition to medical treatment can assist in recovery.


To make an appointment, Dr Nyuthe encourages you to contact her at Silk Medical Specialist Suites on (03) 9886 7788.